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Are you planning to go on Africa safari on a budget? Many visitors also did. It is sometimes hard to spend all that money to take a vacation in another part of the world.

Many tourists are discouraged because they don’t have much to spend on their travel. Africa safari should not be that expensive. Here, I will show you the basics of Africa safari on a budget, why it is expensive to go on Africa safari, and tips on how to minimize cost and get the best Africa safari on a budget.

How Much Should I Budget for an African Safari?

Africa safari is an experience of a lifetime especially if you live in a place with such an exotic landscape. However, the real question is so I afford the cost of Africa safari?

So, how much should you budget for Africa safari? Generally, there are three costs that you should expect while you are in Africa safari: accommodation cost, travel cost, and entrance costs. You will always have alternative packages based on your budget.

Africa safari on a budget is possible. However, you need to refer to the packages they offer even before you travel. Therefore, you will have two options: Africa safari on a budget and the high-end Africa safari.

Entrance and travel costs are usually fixed and you probably won’t see much change depending on the time you are traveling. Airport travel costs differ from time to time based on traffic. Usually, the price goes up at high tourist travel times.

The time you book for your travel is another necessary factor as well. The sooner you book, the cheaper the price will be. Some tourists I know book a week before their travel, and that is a bad idea. Booking 6 months before the travel date would be much cheaper than booking 6 weeks prior.

The other fee is the Accommodation fee and services fees. This is usually fixed and it may differ from person to person. In some places, the cost of underage is much cheaper than adults. Some offer discounts for Africans and locals as well.

Amazingly some safaris like Etosha in Namibia and Kruger in South Africa offer daily Safari entrance fees as low as 25 USD. This is a great opportunity for those who do Africa safari on a budget.

is africa safari worth it

Inside these parks, you will find accommodations as low as 20 dollars. This is not a top standard service you will find here. Infact, some toursts enjoy the fact hat they may share bathrooms and kitichen with others (it could happen). For the price offered, sharing is not a bad deal.

There is an alternative here. Drive some kilometers outside the park, you l find better accommodations with better services. pay 100 dollars or a bit more, you will find good rooms with all the services you need. Tourists also book a family suite for 120 USD per night.

Another cost is the self-drive rent for safaris. Some tourists prefer driving their own cars, and without a guide or a driver. This is an option I don’t recommend.

First, this could be dangerous as you may encounter unforeseen situations. Second, you will miss many animals as most camouflage most of the day. Third, you will miss what is behind the whole story of the wild. A guide makes it fun to visit. However, self-drive could cost you as much as 100 dollars per day.

The high end could cost you more than a thousand dollars. Few Africa safari parks offer private or VIP type services where only a few entrees are allowed.

Here the services are better and the view is marvelous. The rooms are much more comfortable than the budget ones. You will get a spa, private pools, and many more services. You will get drinks and food, both local and international. You will get 4X4 SUVs that may cost you a high price compared to Arica safari on a budget package self-drive.

africa safari on a budget
africa safari on a budget

Why is African Safari so expensive?

Africa is big. In fact, if you are from Europe, you may not comprehend how large the continent is. They say the United States, most of the major European countries, India, China, and the UK fit in the continent.

The distance in relation to the infrastructure is one reason. Most of the rural or park areas are not developed. They lack basic services such as shops and basic asphalt roads. Considering the time it takes to get these services and limited option, the cost could go higher

A sole business owner without competition could estimate its price priorly to their profit.

The second reason is the number of staff to guest ratio. Imagine you wash being washed with hand, you surely need to hire a lot of stuff to do for the whole guests.

Everything in Africa safari needs attention. From customer service to animal food needs some technicians.

How much would a safari cost?

The safari cost differs on various factors. Generally, the price range is similar.

  • Tanzania could differ from 450- 1500 dollars
  • Kenya daily safari price differs from 350-1500 dollars
  • Gorilla trekking cost stats around 1000 dollars and could go three times the price.

Where is the Cheapest Safari in Africa?

If you are looking for Africa safari on a budget, it is wise to find out the cheapest safari in Africa. Almost all these safaris and parks have their own cheaper packages. In general, some of these appear to be cheaper.

1- Masai Mara of Kenya

This is one of the best eastern Africa safari on a budget options. You will have a chance to visit the wild on 4WD vans together with your group. The game drives thought the natural landscape is a true experience.

2- Serengeti National Park of Tanzania

Tanzania is rich with its wildlife and natural landscape. At the same time, the country proved to be a place for various groups with various budgets. You will visit a bunch of animals and a mesmerizing landscape. And experience local beauty and culture on the way. If you are looking for Africa safari on a budget, Serengeti should be on your top list.

3- Kruger National Park in South Africa

Kruger national park is one of the best safari destinations in South Africa. It is one of the largest as well, even in Africa. Here you will find every animal that you are looking for. You will also find very cheap services as low as 25 dollars per day per person.


4- Chobe National Park in Botswana

Chobe is another Africa safari on a budget. The Chobe National Park is much known for its trees, elephants, and lions. The Chobe River has crocodiles and hippos and birds that are fascinating for visitors. The game drive is another great experience a well

5- Etosha National park in Namibia

Don’t let the idea of Namibia’s hot climate fool you, it is one of the best destinations in Africa. It is also the best choice for Africa safari on a budget. The game drive, the animals, the landscape all make an experienced traveler. Etosha has cheap plans and is definitely one of the Africa safari on a budget option.

How Much Does a Kruger Safari Cost?


The Kruger national park accommodation services vary in price. The average cost of hotel rooms is about 100 dollars per night. On the other hand, you will find a third of that price in camps. You should know that this price may not include meals and other prices.

Gate entrance fees

Prices for adultsPrices for children
Local citizens and residents (you may need to show ID)$7-$8$4
Foreign visitors$27$14
*Price Per day Per Person

Driver rent

Another cost is the private drive. Usually, gate costs will be included in the drive with a guide. the personal drive could cost you from 100 USD to thousands per day.

Generally, the cost of a safari is related to the choice of accommodation, drive choice, number of days. In Kruger national park, you will find a three-day package for around 400 dollars, and with every ting included you will get service at 8000 dollars.

How much is a Masai Mara safari?

The main cost of Masai Mara Africa safari on a budget are travel costs to Kenya, lodges fee, entrance fee to parks, driving cost to safari, and other game drives.

Similar to the Kruger safari Masai Mara is another Africa safari on a budget and on the high end. Masai Mara could cost you from 190 USD per person. This is the cheapest you could get.

The mid luxury tour package starts from 250 dollars per day.

The luxury package starts from 500 per person per day.

How Much is a Trip to Serengeti?

Serengeti another great Africa safari on a budget destination.


The main fee is a park entrance fee that is 60 used for adults and 30 USD for children below 16.


The cost of accommodation in Serengeti park depends on your needs and your budget. You will find accommodation as low as 200 USD. The high end could 5 times this price. The 200 USD is a camp type arrangement in a tent. While 1000 per night is a luxury lodge.

Additional costs are transportation, park fees, car rent depending on your needs, and other small unexpected costs.

Is It Safe To Go To Africa On A Safari?

10 Tricks to an Africa Safari on a Budget

  1. Package deals may not be the best option.- Despite a common conception, package deals are not necessarily the cheapest for Africa safari on a budget. A package is good to understand the services that you get within your budget. Packages put you in a fixed position and fixed schedule.
  2. A package is a great option for budget travel as well- Once you get an affordable package, that will be a great relief. Your agent will take all the responsibility once paid. They will book the hotel, pick you up from the airport and take you on a safari.
  3. The more service you want, the costly it becomes. If you are on a budget focus on basic services. Choose the cheapest accommodation, and avoid extra services such as private car rental and luxury lodges. You will save 5 times every day.
  4. Choose cheap destinations if you plan to stay long. For those who are on a budget for Africa safari, it is necessary to choose a cheap destination. South Africa is one of the cheapest destinations in Africa. This could be due to the better-developed tourism system and infrastructure.
  5. Self Service is usually expensive. – Do you plan to go on safari on private rent cars? It will cost you 100 dollars more per day. Do you plan to rent a place outside the park by yourself? It will cost you 5 times. Besides the fixed costs, hidden unexpected costs will be a challenge.
  6. Travel offseason outside peak months – Rainy season is a cheap season. Air transport becomes cheaper as well. Although you may miss some animals as these will migrate or hide from the rain, you will have experience. December to March is considered off-season from any African safaris.
  7. Choose unknown Safaris- For second-time visitors, you can choose another less known Africa safari on a budget.
  8. Go on guided driving safari- Guided driving safari is effective and you will save much. Self-driving is not that effective, especially for first-time visitors.
  9. Avoid buying local gifts and artifacts- Local artifacts could be cheap. But these are additional costs. Many tourists would like to buy lots of these as a gift for families back home. Others buy them as souvenirs. If you start buying one, the cost incurs fast.
  10. Avoid unplanned costs- You may wish to get spas. And staying at your low-cost tent room, you may not get that. If you suddenly wish to upgrade, that is an unexpected cost.


Africa safari on a budget is possible. You will find cheap destinations at very minimal prices. If you plan ahead of time, you will save more. Your budget Africa safari will be a success.

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