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Looking for Africa safari cape Town? You are not alone. Many visitors in cape town have similar questions. Do we have Cape Town Africa Safari? How far is it from the hotel and how do I get there? These are the questions I usually get.

Well, it is unfortunate that Cafrica safari cape town is nonexistent. Cape Town is located on the west end of the country, share a Mediterranean climate. Sharing the Atlantic on the west, and the Indian Ocean on the east, the place is one of the best in the region.

However, all the Safari, the game drive, the fun stuff is at least 2 hours away from the town. Especially, if you can not travel to big safaris like Kruger park, these parks and reserves are your best options.

Can I go on Safari From Cape Town?

If you are looking for Africa Safari Cape town, or inside Cape Town, you may be out of luck. Cape Town climate is not favorable for the Safari that you already know from other places in Africa.

This does not mean you can’t enjoy one. In fact, the nearest Africa safari in Cape Town is just a few hour drive.

Here are five places that you will find near Cape town.

1- Aquila private game reserve

Aquila is a two hours drive from Cape Town. It is one of the best destinations if you want to go to Africa safari cape town. The place has lodges and safari services that you can enjoy with your family.

Aquila is also a malaria-free zone. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about vaccinations.

Aquila allows people above the age of 16 to go on a game drive. But they have a restriction of 95 kgs of weight to be on a horseback. It is also necessary to know that ll the game drivers in Aquila is a guided derive and you may not be allowed to you a private tour.

They also give a transfer service to your place with additional fees.

They have various cottage types that differ in the service they offer. When you stay overnight at the Aquila, you will get food services and drinks. You will get a prayer room, and a free internet connection as well.

Aquila Africa Safari Cape Town Cost

Afternoon safari cost at Aquila is about 92 dollars, including drinks, lunch, and one game drive.

Transfer cost is additional 57 USD per person.

You will find a room at the lodge from 128 USD per night to cottages from 153 USD to 217 USD per night. The cottages are equipped with swimming pools, shops, and bars. This price includes 2 game drives, 3 meals a day, and a visit to the animal rescue center.

Solo traveling may cost you much more since you may not share cottages.

How far is Aquila Safari From Cape Town?

Aquila is located 175 km away in the northeast of Cape Town and is nearly a 2 hours drive from the center.

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2- Inverdoorn Game Reserve

Inverdoorn is another Africa safari in Cape Town that you will find two and a half hours’ drive away. This reserve is known for its well-planned compound and the cheetah rescue and rehabilitation center. Get ready to witness a lot of cheetah at the place.

At Inverdoorn you will get the chance to visit the big five wild animals including the lion and buffaloes.

At the reserve, you will have a day trip option or overnight stay at a lodge with a minibar, a garden, and different room options. The boma fires and pools are also a plus.

How far is Inverdoorn from Cape Town?

Inverdoorn Cape Town Africa Safari s about 200 km away at the east of the town. It will take you about 2 and a half hours to get there by car.

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3- Sanbona Wild Reserve

Sanbona is another Africa Safari Cape Town. Sanbona wildlife reserves do not offer day trips. Self-drive is also not allowed. Although this is not a bad arrangement, do not forget to pack your camera and notebooks.

Sanbona has places for kids. These have a special focus on the entertainment of the kids as well. To avoid disturbing the wild, taking toddlers on a game drive is not allowed. Therefore, if you have kids under the age of four, you may have to leave them behind with the childminding services inside the reserve.

If you have no plan to drive from your place to the reserve, they will offer transfer services as well.

How far is Sanbona wild reserve from Cape Town?

Sanbona is about 260 km away at the east of the city. A drive to Sanbona is about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

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Giraffes in south africa safari cape town

4- Fairy Flen Private reserve

Fairy Flen is a family-owned business not too far from Cape Town. Fairy Flen provided a great Africa safari cape town. At fairy Flen, you will get really really close encounter with the animals. You may not pet them but you will experience them really close and take pictures together.

Waking up and going to sleep with a lion roar is a great experience at the reserve.

How far is Fairy Flen from Cape Town?

Fairy Glen is fairly near to the city of Cape Town. It is located at a distance of 110 km and a drive will take you a bit more than an hour.

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5- Garden Route Game Lodge

Garden Route is another great Africa safari Cape Town safari destination. This is a four hours drive from Cape Town.

This also has a cheetah conservation center and a reptile center.

At the lodge, you will find accommodations including staying places on a budget and the high end as well.

Garden Route Africa Safari Cape Town Cost

As I said above, the Garden Route is one of the best Africa Safari Cape Town. If you stay overnight at the 3-star lodge on the game reserve, you may get accommodation starting from 330 per twin room per night.

The facilities include a spa, restaurant, bar together with swimming pools and a garden.

How far is Garden route from Cape Town?

Garden Route is about 350 Km away in the east of Cape Town. A drive will take a bit above 3 and a half hours to get to the Garden Route.

Final on Africa Safari Cape Town

Price differs from place to place and even from time to time. You need to check the updated price on their websites. Here is a general estimation of expected costs when you travel to these facilities. Use this guide only to estimate your general cost.

So, How Much is an Africa Safari Cape Town? Overnight stay generally will cost you from 128 USD to 160 USD individually.

Generally, Book your tour at least 72 hours prior. Every more hour that you plan to stay at the safari, you are expected to pay more. Therefore, you need to plan what you are looking for in the safari.

The best thing about the Africa Safari Cape town is you have options. You can visit and leave or you can stay overnight in places with different services. Some are cheap while others incur an additional cost.

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