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Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant in East Durham has served the US community since 1997. The owner and chef serve his Ethiopian cuisine with traditional flavors using only the finest ingredients and authentic methods. While the food is delicious, the service makes it stand out from the crowd.

Dukem Ethiopian restaurant Entertainment has become a renowned restaurant in DC and nationwide. They offer various vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals prepared with fresh meat. They also have a VIP bar that can host private events for up to 50 people, complete with 3D HD TVs, a sound system, and more. To book remote sections or the entire establishment, customers can contact the restaurant by phone or follow them on Twitter. Claim requests are processed after verification.

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant in DC

Tefera Zewdie, the founder and owner of the beloved Ethiopian restaurants Dukem in D.C. and Baltimore, passed away on November 14th at 66. He was a pioneering entrepreneur in the local Ethiopian community and opened Dukem in 1997 as a carryout spot and market. His restaurants were known for their traditional Ethiopian dishes, such as doro wat, kitfo, and lamb tibs, and they became popular among locals and tourists.

In 2004, he and his brother opened a second location in Baltimore. After his passing, community members took to social media to honor Zewdie and his impact on the Ethiopian community in the D.C. area. A service was held for him over the weekend and the D.C. restaurant is closed until Tuesday out of respect.

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant Value

If you’re looking for a fun, unique lunch place, I highly recommend Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant located on the corner of West 10th Street and University Place. You’ll find it right off of the metro stop, so you’ll be downtown in no time. It has a very authentic vibe. It’s also a very cheap place to eat. On a recent visit, I ordered the traditional chicken and injera, which was so flavorful and rich.

In addition to serving up authentic Ethiopian food, Dukem also makes some of the best injera you’ll ever taste. The bread is soft, fluffy, and packed with a delicious flavor. While they’re not super expensive, their lunch special is a steal at only $6.99, and it comes with two sides. I’d definitely recommend checking out Dukem if you’re in the area. They have a large menu, and you can see it here.

Dukem Ethiopian restaurant review

I had been looking forward to eating at Dukem Ethiopian restaurant ever since I read about it in Washingtonian magazine. When we arrived in the summer of 2023, the restaurant wasn’t ready to open yet. But the smell of the Ethiopian food was enough to lure us in, and the restaurant eventually opened to rave reviews in 2022. We were in no rush to eat there. We could see that the food was going to be good. But we wanted to experience the ambiance and the food without the crowds.

‘It was as good as any I’ve had in Addis Ababa. This was my first time visiting a Dukem Ethiopian restaurant. My husband and I were looking for a place to eat after our visit to the National Museum of Ethiopia. I have no complaints about the food, service, or ambiance. The staff was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the menu. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for good Ethiopian food. This place has one of the best selections of Ethiopian food anywhere in the country. The service is very friendly and welcoming.’

Dukem Ethiopian restaurant More

1. The dishes at Dukem Ethiopian restaurant are cooked in a clay oven.

2. The menu features at Dukem Ethiopian restaurant Ethiopian food staples and is served with plenty of spices.

3. The Dukem Ethiopian restaurant serves vegetarian and vegan dishes.

4. The Dukem Ethiopian restaurant staff is friendly and speaks English.

5. The decor is warm and inviting. Warm, welcoming, and with excellent Ethiopian food. This was my first visit and I will be back. The owner is very hospitable and his wife is a fantastic cook. The restaurant is set in a charming historic building that’s been renovated to accommodate the menu. We ate outside on the patio, which is pleasant, but the inside seating is nicer and more intimate. I had the injera and it was delicious.

Conclusion, Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant

In conclusion, if you really want to know where to eat Ethiopian food in Washington D.C., then you’re probably going to need to spend a few hours scouring reviews and listings online. That’s where websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp come in. However, you should still always go into a new restaurant with your eyes open and a full stomach. You may have to read the fine print and go for the cheapest option available, but that’s ok. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you have a good meal.

The Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant is located at 909 H St SE, Washington DC 20003. It’s open daily from 11 am – 11 pm. You can get more information at Dukem Ethiopia restaurant.

image: Baltimore Heritage – Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant

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