A Complete Guide to Africa Safari

africa safari

Africa Safari is one of the best experiences you would have in your lifetime. It is an experience that you need to try at least once in your lifetime.

Africa safari is not a trip to a park where caged wild animals are displayed on glass walls. It is a full-fledged experience where you would go through the forest and the savanna land and witnesses the wild.

In this article, you will find answers to your top questions. What is the best African safari, is a safari in Africa safe; How much does Africa safari cost me; Do I need a visa to visit Africa safari; What medications I need to visit Africa; how do I visit on a budget and when do I visit safaris.

This is a complete guide to Africa safari.

What To Know Before Going On An African Safari?

Here are few things to get in order before going on Africa safari.

  • Going back one more time to the safari could cost you more, therefore, prepare your camera, and notebooks in advance.
  • Pack light. Too much cloth may not benefit you. Africa’s safari areas are not harsh in climate. Most places have a calm climate. Therefore, it is better to wear light clothes.
  • Get your malaria creams and sunscreens.
  • Get extra accessaries. Don’t expect to buy batteries and other accessories in Africa. Bring your own just to be safe.
  • Get your medications and shots. Some countries may demand anti-malaria shots in order to prevent possible diseases and limit transmissions. This is a must. Or regret later.
  • Get insurance This is optional but necessary.
  • Get a visa on time.
  • Plan in excess. On safaris don’t expect to be on time. or to leave on time. Have a few minutes more for other personal businesses.
  • Get prepared for cold showers in some areas. This is an experience.
  • Don’t assume Africa is full of violence. This is a false assumption that many visitors have. Don’t fear to bring clothes and your phone. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to look after them. Be responsible for your items.

What Is The Best Safari In The World?

Surprisingly, 4 of 5 Safries are in Africa. Masai Mara of Kenya, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Chobe National Park & Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, Kruger National Park in South Africa, South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, and Okavango Delta, Botswana are repetitively mentioned.

Besides this Yala park of Srilanka and Ranthambore National Park, India are mentioned in the top 10.

What Is the Best Africa Safari?

Best Africa Safari? Well, it depends on what you are looking for after all. Almost all the safaris in Africa have their own quality. Some have wild choices, while others offer cheap safari experiences while others have better user experiences. But here are the top five safaris according to various user ratings.

1- Masai Mara of Kenya

Kenya probably has one of the most organized safaris in Africa. They also have the best landscapes and a variety of animals as well. The Masai Mara is a continuity of Tanzania’s Serengeti where various wild animals live together. Here you will find animals from zebras and antelopes to elephants, rhinos to wild cats.

2. Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

As an extension to the Kenya’s Masai Mara, this park is also a seasonal migration point in the area. With its vast land, you will visit thousands of trees and plants and groups of wild animals.

3. Chobe National Park & Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana

Botswana is truly an amazing place for Africa Safari. In fact, it is one of the few places where you will enjoy your Safari tour both on water and on land. At any point in your journey, you will witness a large group of elephants or lions of hyenas passing by your car.

The Victoria falls of Botswana is part of the Africa Safari in Botswana. The boat cruise under the falls gives a good experience for visitors.

Find hundreds of birds, animals, and faunas while staying at lodges with additional benefits. Self-drive is also possible, although we don’t encourage it.

4. Kruger National Park in South Africa

Kruger National Park is much larger than the Chobe National Park. It also serves a larger number of visitors.

Here, you will find hundreds of birds, and wild animals including wild dogs and cheetah.

You stay at the camp overnight before going on the safari. You will also get chosen based on what you need to visit and your budget. It is better to talk to the park before going on this Africa safari.

5. South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

Some say this is one of the best Africa safaris for first-timers for its guided tours and variety of natural landscapes and wildlife. This park is better for group visitors as the price is on the high end and the services consider group settings.

Visit with groups and find affordable stay with comfortable lodges and with group game services.

All these five parks are top in Africa. These have services that consider the budget of visitors. Not only that, despite the climate and other factors, these parks give full experience for visitors. Even when rivers dry in some seasons and the wild animals migrate to neighboring areas, you will witness birds and even these animals on their journey.

Africa safari is a true experience and definitely, you need to try it once in your lifetime. If you are on a budget, try visiting with groups and share costs. If you need to know an estimate, continue reading below.

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Which Is Better Serengeti Or Masai Mara?

Both have their own interesting advantages. Masai Mara may offer many animals to watch easily due to its smaller setting. On the other hand Serengeti is vast and offers landscapes and great scenes.

Is Kenya Or South Africa Better For Safari?

Should I go to Kenya or South Africa on a safari? This simple question provokes much thought in many tourists’ minds. For a simple visitor, the difference between these two places is simple.

The Kenya safari is the most organized safaris in Africa. Its natural landscape is great as well. Together with the colorful culture that you see around the safaris, your trip will be worth the money and the effort.

The South Africa safari is one of the best as well. The experienced guides that explain animals in a way that you have never imagined make your tour worth it.

Therefore, both safaris are worth the visit. Instead of comparing safaris, I would recommend you to decide which country to visit as well. South Africa is much further away from the rest of the world. While Kenya is much closer to Europe and Asia.

Second, South Africa has a much better GDP than Kenya. South Africa is more organized in services and infrastructures.

How Much Is A Safari In Africa?

100 dollars to 1500 per person per night.

African Safari could be costly or cheap based on the services you inquire about. Africa Safari could cost you between 100 dollars to 1500 per person per night.

In many of these Safaris, the midrange is near 800 dollars.

  • Kenya– from 200- 500+
  • Botswana from 300- 700+
  • South Africa from 200- 500+
  • Namibia from 200- 500+
  • Zambia from 200-500+

How Much Does A Kruger Safari Cost?

Kriger Safari costs differ based on what you plan to do with your stay. There are various activiries and sacocmodations that incur additional cost including trekking, vechicles , and other excursions.

In Kruger you need to book based on what you desire to do in the Safari.

However, there age various packages based on your choice. A simple three package may cost you 500 USD while everything included may cost you 8000 USD.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go On A Safari In Tanzania?

Tanzania Africa Safari also has a similar arrangement. Most Africa safaris work on certain packages. The average cost for this Africa safari starts from 500 USD per person. If you travel in groups you may save a few more dollars.

Therefore, you will have three general costs: Vehicle rent with a guide or a driver, entrance fee to parks, and accommodation.

Vehicle and guide costs and entrance fees are usually fixed. However, your accommodation cost differs based on your budget and your choice.

How Much Is A Trip To Serengeti, Tanzania? A 300 USD car rent for example would be cheap if you travel in a group. The cost of the 6 people in a group would be as low as 50 USD per person.

If you choose a cheaper staying place, you may save much more. Some hotels may accommodate you as cheap as USD per night.

What Does A Meal Cost In South Africa?

The cost of the South Africa safari is not that different from other Africa safari. Everything depends on your choice of accommodation. A general survey from various sources shows that many travelers spend about 20 USD on meals per day. About 15 USD on local transportation, 90 USD per day on hotels.

Therefore, one can expect to spend up to 500 dollars in a week.

How Much Is An African Safari Honeymoon?

Africa Safari for Honeymoon? That seems a very good choice. It is totally unforgettable experience that many choices are there.

However, you should expect relatively expensive services. You need to expect up to 400USD per night. Beach time cost starts from 180 USD per person.

The cost includes services, guides, vehicles, camping, and other costs. Generally, Africa safari for honeymoon costs up to 5200 for 7 nights and double that price for 10 nights.

How Do I Do An African Safari On A Budget?

  • Carefully choose services including lodges and activities
  • Choose how many days you can stay with your budget. Most packages offer services based on the number of days
  • For example, 6 days Masai Mara- LNakuru-Amboseli NP safari and tour with mid-range minivan will cost you from 1300 to 1900 dollars. But if you choose another package of 4 days visit, although the places you will visit will be minimized, the price will be discounted to 800-900 dollars per person.
  • Group travel always is less costly.
  • Always refer to packages if you are traveling with Africa safari services. And prebook if you are traveling in private.
is africa safari worth it

Why Is African Safari So Expensive?

African Safari is relatively expensive due to various reasons. First, most of the countries safaris and parks are out of town where infrastructure is up to the standard. This means the cost of acquiring simple items such as gasoline for cars is expensive.

Not only that a lodge that lacks appropriate laundry machines should hire at least 10 staff. Food comes from gardens that need gardeners. Animals need a follow-up and this needs trained need stuff. If power is not reliable, lodges may need alternative power sources.

This makes the overall cost more expensive.

These places don’t have standard supermarkets where you will find food for a fair price. Instead, the lodges are the only providers, and due to no competition, the price increases as well.

Not only this, most of the services demand a lot of manpower. Some statistics say that the staff to guest ratio is 3-1. Besides this, all this stuff live inside the lodges. The cost of services that all these staff members need is usually high.

So, Is Africa Safari Worth It?

It depends. What are you looking for in Africa safari? Every hour in Africa safari is a unique one. But if you are looking to always be on the go and see the animals, then that is impossible. Most of the hours that you spend in Africa safari could be away from the animals.

It is always recommendable to understand the purpose of your trip. What is it that you are looking for to achieve?

As general advice, three and four days could be enough to experience Africa safari, especially if you are on a budget. At this time, you can experience wild animals, nature, the sun, the waters, and family time.

If you plan to go longer, then have personal plans as well. Therefore, private time, mediation time, family time, and more.

Is It Safe To Go To Africa On A Safari?

Is Africa safari safe? A woman even asked me ‘is it safe to go to Africa?’ This seems a question on most of the tourist’s mind. I feel it is an appropriate question as well.

Some countries have associated challenges. others the media made a bad image on them. For example, if you travel to the middle east, almost all western citizens ask ‘is it safe for me to visit the middle east?’ Even Latin American cities are associated with violence and crime.

The same is true for African cities. Some have associated violence with others, health issues, and economic issues. So, is it safe to go to African safari?

Is It Safe To Go To Africa On A Safari?

There is no simple answer to this. But yes, if you follow guidelines. Let me explain. Here are the top four problems you may face.

1- Wild Animals

There is a reason why we still call them wild. Not all calm animals are tamed. Many tourists mistook the calm demeanor of a lion for it does not attack. Against guidelines, some photographers even get out their cars to take pictures.

If you see the guides taking a risk, this is because they have been around for years and they know how the animals would react and are trained to escape possible danger.

Follow guidelines anywhere when you are inside a park with wild animals.

2- Natural landscapes

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to jump from a 10 feet cliff or swim in open water that you don’t know about? Then you may not survive in Africa Safari.

You cannot jump from a cliff that you don’t know about. This reminded me of the hot spring that I once wanted to wash my hands with. My teenage mind didn’t even realize how hot the water was, even at the surface. I was soon awakened by the scream of the guide who later pointed to me that the locals even boil corn with it.

3- Terrorisms and Crimes

Terrorism is not far from Africa either. Religion and ethnic-based violence are seen in some places including Nigeria, Ethiopia, and central Africa.

Terrorism is not the only challenge here. Violence and crime are also seen in some areas. Some gangs prefer places away from the city, and deep in forests. Some close roads and rob by passers.

Even the highly populated areas have crimes. You may witness street robbing and fraud. This is not a big issue in many countries, especially if you follow guidelines.

Here are 5 Tips to Have safe Africa Safari.

1- Don’t come close to wild animals. Stay in your van. Follow guidelines.

2- Don’t go far from the guides and if you do, watch where you are stepping. Don’t swim in water that you don’t know about.

3- Have basic accessories such as pocket knives and first aid although the Safari may have it.

4- Never separate from a group.

5- Don’t get involved in any street activity. Don’t break fights or don’t give money to anyone. Don’t carry money more than you need.

6- Follow guidelines in border areas and known terrorism areas.

best time to visit africa safari

What Is The Best Month To Go On An Africa Safari?

Climate is the main requirement to choose when to go to an African safari. The ciliate, however, is not as harsh as the northern hemisphere. Especially, in countries near the equator, the majority of months in a year are warm and only a few months will get heavy rain. Even in other parts of Africa, the climate only has a rainy or sunny month.

  • Southern Africa– May to October is a dry season and November to April is a rainy season.
  • East Africa- January to March and June to October is dry season and April to June and November to December is the rainy season.

Then, when should you visit Africa. It depends on the location of the countries. The southern Africa category: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa. And the East Africa category: Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

What Is The Best Month To Go On An Africa Safari? Always choose dry seasons. The rain is a challenge for a drive, the animals would not be around under the rain and most of the landscape will be covered with fog.

Is December A Good Time To Go On Safari?

December is a short rainy season and is a good time to see newborn animals. You will also see migratory birds. However, the rain may limit your experiences.

In Tanzania, you will see migratory herds heading through the central Serengeti park.

In South Africa, the weather changes wet in December. December is also a holiday for local schools. Therefore, it may get busy in South Africa Safari.

In Botswana, December gets wet. Therefore, you won’t get much traffic.

In December Rwanda is dry and it is a good time to go on a safari.

How Long Do You Need At African Lion Safari?

2-3 hours.

Most African lion safaris don’t take more than 3 three hours. It usually begins early in the morning and ends before noon.


What Animals do I find on Africa Safari?

You will find the major animals tha tyou know in books.

  • The first animal is the lion. You will find while lions and the golden lions in Africa Safari.
  • Elephants are other graceful creatures of the Africa safari. You will find these family-oriented wild creatures moving slowly across the field at any moment. Are There Elephants At African Lion Safari? Yes.
  • If you are lucky you will also see Giraffes. These tall wild animals may be smaller in number but these are also nice to watch.
  • Tigers, cheetahs, and Leopards
  • Rhinos
  • Buffalos are not rare. These are everywhere. You may also see these chased by a lion.
  • Wild dogs. These are group animals. You will find them playing rough or eating their kill at any moment.
  • Are There Monkeys At African Lion Safari?

What Should You Not Wear On Safari?

What should you wear in Africa Safari? Well, it depends on the climate and your mood. However, since we are dealing with the wild, I would advise you to blend with the environment.

  • These means don’t wear bold and unnatural colors that get the attention of the wild animals. For example, green and brown make you part of the surrounding. What Color Should You Not Wear On Africa Safari? Exerts say, bold colors scare animals away.
  • Make sure to not over a cloth. Wear light clothes as the temperature would go higher than what you are used to.
  • Don’t go out bare skin. Especially if you are from the cold regions. The temperature is not harsh but still, it could hurt your skin. Therefore, cover your body as much as you can.
  • Don’t go out without sunscreen.
  • Don’t go out without covering your face. Use hats and sunglasses.
  • Don’t wear bold colors at night. Use light colors to avoid insects and mosquitoes. For example, dark color blue-black, colors, and dark blue colors attract TseTse flies.

What Can You Not Do On An African Safari?

Africa safari is fun but dangerous as well. If you violate the following rules, you may end up in danger.

  • Don’t leave the guide’s advise- The guides know what is dangerous and what is not. They have experience and expertise. Especially, while on foot, the guide may tell you when to stop and when to get back, and which path to take.
  • Don’t leave your Vehicle- One of the most dangerous things that some tourists do is leaving the vehicle to take pictures.
  • Don’t shout or cut the Guide– Travellers need to understand what they are seeing. You only get that from listening to the guide. If you keep cutting off the guide, it may ruin the whole trip. Wait to ask questions and even to get up to take pictures.
  • Don’t bring your food to feed the wild- This is a bad idea because food from different sources may have substances that just the animals. The wild is not a neat eating space either. However, everything is what the animals used to eat. Introducing new food could be bad for the wild. This also will attract attention and would provoke prey instinct.
  • Don’t dress bold color clothes. Blend into nature.
  • You can’t go to the bathroom for 3 hours while you are on Safari. So, Where Do You Go To The Toilet On Safari? Nowhere. Sad but true. Always go to the toilet at the lodge before starting the safari drive.


Africa Safari is the best thing to do at least once in your lifetime. it is a great experience to tell others. However, Africa safari could also be relatively expensive for most travelers. It is always wise to plan in advance.

You also need to follow rules and stay safe while you are on Africa safari. It is always safe to assume danger anywhere in the safari. Don’t forget to not only blend in but also save the experiences.

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