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A linguistic mash-up of Arabic, Berber, and French influences Morocco is a North African country with a lot to offer in terms of memorable experiences. Morocco is home to a world of wonders, including storied old medinas, mint tea, ancient mosques, and delectable cuisine. If you’re having nightmares about staying safe while dreaming about the deserts of Morocco, don’t worry. These simple safety tips and useful tools will assist you in realizing your Moroccan dreams.

Following months of unrest and a travel warning issued by the US Consulate in 2017, travelers from all over the world might be wondering whether it is safe to visit Morocco. The good news is that Morocco’s safety status was upgraded to level 1 in early 2018, indicating that it is now safe to fly to the country and that visitors can exercise normal caution while there. If you’re still nervous about going to Morocco, here are some suggestions to help you have a safe and secure visit.

How Safe is Morocco?

Morocco is a safe place to visit in general. However, this does not rule out the risk of violence, and as with everywhere else in the world, you should exercise caution and be conscious of your surroundings at all times. Morocco’s tourism numbers have been steadily increasing year after year, and this trend is expected to continue. And, at the end of the day, rising tourism numbers generally mean that a country is safe to visit.

the country of morocco daily life
is morocco safe to travel

Is it true, however, that bad things happen in Morocco? Without a doubt. Pushy people, petty theft (which can be widespread in the major cities), and poor treatment of women are the most common complaints in Morocco.

While all of these problems are tragic, there are steps you can take to ensure your safety and a smooth trip to Morocco. Some people have complained about getting lost in Morocco’s winding streets because street names are constantly changing (from French and Spanish to Arabic), but google maps or can help you be able to complete the task.

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Is Morocco Safe to Travel: Currency

Knowing the average prices of daily goods will help you plan your trip and avoid being taken advantage of while shopping in Morocco. The Dirham, the Moroccan currency, is currently worth around 0.11 USD.

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Is Morocco Safe to Travel Right Now?

Yes, that is right. Of course, a little caution and common sense will go a long way, but most trips to this lovely country are usually a complete success. Morocco is, in reality, North Africa’s most politically stable region. To draw more visitors, the government has increased its infrastructure investment.

Because, in the end, more tourism equals more income. Faux guides, or unofficial guides who give their services in front of attractions, have been reported to be on the rise. While some of them do know a lot and speak many languages, you might also end up in the hands of a complete con artist. Fortunately, the tourist police have handled the situation admirably.

Political demonstrations are uncommon in Morocco, and when they do occur, they are usually not dangerous to tourists. You’ll be fine if you stay out of it and don’t join in the marches. A trip to Morocco right now should be pretty healthy and completely worth it, with so much culture and history to discover and a generally comfortable and welcoming environment.

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Don’t Haggle

You’ll almost certainly come across some pushy salespeople and shop owners as you travel through the city’s medinas. They’ve been known to pursue passers-by, offering to take you somewhere special or attempting to sweep you into a back room. Never go to a place you don’t know with someone you haven’t researched beforehand, particularly if it’s far away from populated areas. If you ever feel unsafe, call the cops or run to the nearest riad, even if it’s not where you’re staying.

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is morocco safe to travel _ safe places

Safest Places in Morocco

In Morocco, some areas are better than others. The best, as well as the not-so-safe, areas, are mentioned below to ensure a successful journey.


Although it is not the capital, Marrakesh is Morocco’s most popular tourist destination, which is why it is considered to be one of the safest cities in the country. Tourists are welcome, and several establishments seem to be set up for them.

Marrakesh is well known for its amazing locations like the central market and souks, which are all based around Jemaa el-Fna Square – a feast for the senses where you can smell spices and hear traders shouting.

But there are a host of other attractions around the city that are a little less hectic, such as the Jardin Majorelle, Bahia Palace, and Koutoubia Mosque. Keep in mind that a large crowd will lead to issues such as pickpocketing and petty theft. Leave your valuables at home so you can enjoy the city without fear of being robbed!

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is it safe to travel morocco desert and safe places


Essaouira is known as Africa’s Wind City, and there’s one thing it’s known for above all else: surfing! The small city is one of the best places in Morocco if you want protection on a budget, with plenty of surf camps, backpacker accommodation, and a chill atmosphere. From April to November is the perfect time to stay. That is when the best surfing conditions (both wind and regular) can be found. If you’re not coming to surf, however, coming out of season allows you to enjoy the medina and all of the attractions that this port town has to offer.

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Atlas Mountains/Sahara Desert

Take a closer look at the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert if you’re a nature lover or outdoor enthusiast looking for some adventure. Both covering a large area of land, you’ll need a few days to enjoy some of Africa’s most tempting activities, such as camel trekking, overnight camping, and mountain hiking and biking.

Because there will be so few people around, you will be protected from pickpocketing and petty theft. But, because you will be in such a remote location, you will face natural dangers along the way. You’ll be perfectly safe here if you protect yourself from the light, follow your guide, and drink plenty of water.

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Places to Avoid in Morocco

If you want to have a healthy journey, there are places in almost every country that should be avoided rather than visited. Morocco is in the same boat. Although the crime rate is low in comparison to other African nations, there is a current threat of violent crime. If you want to explore the country on your own, you should ask locals for insider information and hire a tour guide just to be sure. Mentioned below are a few no-go zones to make it a little easier for you:


Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital, is a beautiful city with a lot of problems. Due to drug trafficking and organized crime, this is Morocco’s most dangerous region. Although it isn’t a no-go area, you should be mindful of the situation and avoid empty side streets and suspicious characters.

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This is probably Morocco’s most special, but stressful city. Though Fez has its charms and attractions, you’ll need a thick skin to push your way past the salesmen, con artists, and tour guides. Nonetheless, the city is indeed breathtakingly beautiful and boasts some incredible architecture and history. It is sometimes referred to as Morocco’s cultural capital.

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is morocco safe to travel
is morocco safe to travel

Top Safety Tips for Traveling to Morocco

Although we all accept that Morocco is generally secure, there are always precautions to take. You’ll be able to fly to Morocco with confidence if you follow these travel safety tips, and you’ll be able to spend more time traveling and less time worrying!

  • If you are approached and feel uneasy, don’t be afraid to say “no thank you” and walk away.
  • Check to see if you’ve packed everything you’ll need. Nothing is more aggravating than remembering you’ve forgotten half of your basics and having to dash to the nearest store. It’ll sabotage your budget and, more than likely, the start of your vacation.
  • Make a reservation with a professional guide and refuse to take tours from strangers. Faux guides are common near well-known attractions, but it is preferable to book your tour online or explore on your own.
  • Keep your valuables close at hand or tucked away. Pickpocketing is a significant issue in Morocco, especially in the larger cities. If you’re carrying money or valuables, make sure they’re well protected or invest in a money belt.
  • Carry small bills to avoid having to get out bigger bills.
  • This is a conservative country, so dress modestly. Adapting to the people around you is the best option. Keep an eye out for what the locals are wearing and dress accordingly. That way, you won’t be mistaken for a tourist and won’t offend anyone.
  • Make friends with other passengers. It’s always better in a community, whether it’s people you met at the hostel or on a tour. You will become a target if you walk alone.
  • If you wear something flashy, you’ll be more likely to be a victim of a con.
  • Before you get in the taxi, double-check the price. Some drivers would try to defraud you. If the fare seems excessive, get out and find another taxi.

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is it safe to travel morocco alone
is it safe to travel morocco alone

Is Morocco Safe to Travel Alone?

Thousands of solo travelers visit Morocco each year to soak up the desert and culture of this incredible country. Meeting other solo travelers is simple thanks to a large number of hostels and inexpensive guesthouses available. That isn’t to say that traveling alone in Morocco is easy.

In general, traveling alone in Morocco is secure. However, something can happen anywhere in the world, so stay alert. It is not impossible to travel alone in this area, but you will need to learn a few things to have a good time on the road.

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Is Morocco Safe to Travel for Women?

Traveling as a woman – solo or otherwise – is often fraught with dangers, no matter where you go. Some countries have a greater impact than others. Having said that, traveling in Morocco as a woman is completely safe and possible! You’ll just have to be a little more cautious than in other nations. Unfortunately, some degree of publicity and mild abuse is to be expected. Keep an open mind and you’ll have a fantastic time. Traveling to Morocco as a woman can be stressful at times, but keep in mind why you’re there: to fully experience the country.

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is it safe to travel morocco family
is it safe to travel morocco family

Is Morocco Safe to Travel for Families?

Yes, indeed. Morocco is a fantastic destination for families, and anyone traveling with children will have a blast! It’ll be a holiday you’ll never forget as a family. Moroccans are accustomed to big families, and traveling with children is a perfect way to meet locals who will be welcoming and accommodating to family groups. It’s a smart idea to book accommodation that is suitable for families.

Only make sure your kids are up to date with their vaccines, that you have basic drugs on hand (rehydration sachets, diarrhea tablets), and that they don’t drink tap water until you go. Also, avoid petting stray animals and allowing your children to spend too much time in the sun.

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Is Morocco Safe to Travel to Drive?

Although you can rent a car or a motorcycle in the area, we do not recommend it. Morocco’s city traffic is a complete mess. Potholes, congested traffic, and rude drivers abound on these highways. In 2017, road injuries were responsible for 3.6 percent of all deaths in Morocco (compare that to 0.39 percent in the UK).

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As a result, we can only recommend driving in Morocco’s larger cities to drivers who are extremely confident and/or experienced. However, if you want to get out of the capital, there are some fantastic road trips to be had. If you can find a reputable car rental company in Marrakesh, you can take a road trip along the Tizi N Tichka Pass, which is mostly empty and offers spectacular views of the countryside.

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Drinking-Water in Morocco

While tap water in Morocco is generally safe to drink, it is always recommended that you avoid it. The water has been chlorinated and cleaned extensively. Morocco, on the other hand, is extremely hot, and you’ll need to stay hydrated. This can be accomplished by purchasing large bottles of water from supermarkets, StreetSide kiosks, and newsstands. Hotel rooms typically have water filters, and we strongly advise you to recycle bottles rather than purchasing new ones because plastic is the worst.

Take a good quality water bottle and water purification tablets with you if you’re going on a desert trek – or even if you’re just walking around a neighborhood. The water bottle can be used for something other than water, which is ideal if you need a little sugar to keep you going.

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Bring a Friend

Traveling with a mate is much better. Make every effort to remain as a group as much as possible. Packing a phone and enabling an international plan can be costly; if you plan to stay for more than a week, consider buying a cheap prepaid mobile phone once you arrive so you still have a way to communicate with the rest of your party or someone at home who can assist in an emergency.

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Escape the City

If the hustle and bustle of Marrakech or Casablanca become too much for you, there are plenty of beautiful sights to see outside of the major cities. There are no limits to the off-the-beaten-path experiences you can have, from riding a camel across the Sahara to relaxing on the beaches of Essaouira, visiting small villages, or hiking the Atlas Mountains.

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Don’t Leave the House Alone After Dark.

Locals agree that walking through the medinas, or narrow alley-like corridors that run through the area, after dark is a bad idea. If necessary, have your driver or a security guard accompany you.

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is it safe to travel morocco transport

In the Transportation Sector

In Morocco, the key problem in terms of transportation is road safety on secondary roads and in cities. There are frequent traffic violations and risky habits, so you should exercise extreme caution.

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Natural Hazards in Morocco

Rainfall can be heavy from November to March, causing flash flooding, particularly in the High Atlas. If you plan on visiting during this time, keep an eye on the local weather forecast.

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Is Morocco Safe to Live in?

If you’re thinking about moving to Morocco, don’t be concerned: it’s a safe place to live and work. Every year, the number of foreign nationals residing in Morocco increases. It may be a cultural shock at first, and you may struggle – as with any transition to a foreign country – but Morocco is a very safe place to live.

An excellent suggestion? Avoid isolating yourself by integrating yourself into the local community. Place yourself in a location that will provide you with home comforts or at the very least European familiarity. Base yourself in Casablanca (where the majority of ex-pats live) or Rabat (where the best jobs can be found). Learning at least a portion of the language, such as Arabic or French, is important.

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