Why did Isco’s transfer fail?

Spanish midfielder Isco has passed his medical to move to Bundesliga club Union Berlin today, but the transfer has been called off.

Although the German club Union Berlin is interested in signing the player, it is said that the physical condition of the player that they saw during the medical examination made them not honor their previous agreement.

After conducting a medical examination for the player, the club asked to reduce the salary and bonus that they had reached due to his physical condition, and the transfer was terminated because the player did not want to do this.


ስፔናዊው የመሀል ሜዳ ተጨዋች ኢስኮ በዛሬው ዕለት ወደ ቡንደስሊጋው ክለብ ዩኒየን በርሊን ለማምራት የህክምና ምርመራውን ቢያደርግም ዝውውሩ መቋረጡ ተገልጿል።

የጀርመኑ ክለብ ዩኒየን በርሊን ተጨዋቹን ለማሰፈረም ፍላጎት ቢኖራቸውም በህክምና ምርመራው ወቅት ያዩት የተጨዋቹ አካላዊ አቋም የቀድሞ ስምምነታቸውን #እንዳያከብሩ እንዳደረጋቸው ተነግሯል።

ክለቡ ለተጨዋቹ የህክምና ምርመራ ካደረገ በኋላ በአካላዊ አቋሙ ምክንያት ከስምምነት የደረሱበትን ደሞዝ እና ጉርሻ እንዲቀንስ የጠየቁ ሲሆን ተጨዋቹ ይህንን ለማድረግ #ባለመፈለጉ ዝውውሩ መቋረጡ ተገልጿል።

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