Arsenal tighten grip on Premier League race in 5-goal stunner against Manchester United

Mikel Arteta, manager of Arsenal, expressed his excitement to challenge his former manager Pep Guardiola in the Premier League this season. The top four race is more open than the title race, with Manchester United and Newcastle currently holding the final two spots. Tottenham are close behind, but have had recent set backs. Meanwhile, Liverpool and Chelsea, who have won two of the last four Champions League trophies, are struggling and are behind Brighton, Fulham and Brentford. They are expected to make up the points to leapfrog the teams in between them and Tottenham.


የአርሰናል አሰልጣኝ ሚኬል አርቴታ በዘንድሮው የውድድር ዘመን የቀድሞ አሰልጣኙን ፔፕ ጋርዲዮላን በፕሪምየር ሊግ ለመወዳደር ያላቸውን ደስታ ገልጿል። ከፍተኛዎቹ አራት ውድድሮች ከርዕስ ውድድር የበለጠ ክፍት ናቸው ፣ ማንቸስተር ዩናይትድ እና ኒውካስል በአሁኑ ጊዜ የመጨረሻዎቹን ሁለት ደረጃዎች ይይዛሉ። ቶተንሃም ወደ ኋላ ቅርብ ቢሆንም ከቅርብ ጊዜያት ወዲህ ግን ወደኋላ ቀርቷል። በሌላ በኩል ካለፉት አራት የቻምፒየንስ ሊግ ዋንጫዎች ሁለቱን ያነሱት ሊቨርፑሎች እና ቼልሲዎች እየተቸገሩ እና ከብራይተን፣ ፉልሃም እና ብሬንትፎርድ ቀጥሎ ይገኛሉ። በነሱ እና በቶተንሃም መካከል ያሉትን ቡድኖች ለመዝለል ነጥብ ማግኘት ይጠበቅባቸዋል።

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