Ethiopian: A Simple Guide to a Rich Culture

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In this section of the article, we will define the term which is called Ethiopian. Mostly when we check out and search the term “Ethiopian”, the first and the most common related thing or a name that comes to our mind is Ethiopian Airlines. But the term ‘Ethiopian’ definition is much more; it holds the feeling of nationality and pride for the citizens of the country.

So, basically the term Ethiopian represents the main pillars of the nation. This is the huge governmental and non-governmental institutions that always reflect the pride and dignity of the country and the thing and the citizens.

Mainly the article has two main focus areas, the first one is the thing and citizens that belong to the country and the second one is Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian could represent the ‘thing’ and the ‘people’. Therefore the ‘thing’ represents the physical and ritual asset of the country. These assets and physical features are special to Ethiopia and its long history.

Thorough out these historic times, the country developed a different physical and ritual asset that is called Ethiopian. The ‘people’ represent the people of Ethiopia the main pillar that is called Ethiopian people or citizens. This is not only the name but the felling, dignity, power, freedom, and pride for being Ethiopian.

Ethiopian Calendar

The physical assets of the country started from the weather conditions of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a place where 13 months of sunshine is magically appearing throughout the country from the low land part of Ethiopia to the high land of the country.

So, the sun will shine throughout the year.    “How come a country has 13 months in a year?” The answer is simple because Ethiopia has its own calendar called “Ethiopian calendar”.

The Ethiopian calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar not only in the months of the year but also the years of the Ethiopian calendar have eight years difference from Gregorian, not only that but the Ethiopian new year is not at the same time with the Gregorian calendar.

Ethiopian New Year and the Ethiopian calendar maybe a sun oriented calendar based on the Egyptian and Julian calendars and was brought to Ethiopia by ministers. The year comprises of 12 months of 30 days and the thirteenth month of five or six timekeeping days.

Based on the Julian calendar premise, the Ethiopian calendar is as of now seven a long time and eight months behind the Gregorian calendar utilized in most of the world. Enkutatash implies the ‘gift of jewels’. It is said to allude to the Ruler of Sheba returning from her visit to Solomon in Jerusalem in 980 BC. On the Queen’s entry back in Ethiopia, her chiefs invited her by filling her treasury with gems (‘enku’).

It may too allude to the wide-open, as this time of year coincides with the conclusion of the blustery season meaning the scene is secured with Adey Abeba, whose shinning yellow blossoms show up nearly in celebration of the approaching harvest. Celebrations for the Ethiopian New Year as a rule final for a week and are centered on family occasions.

Ethiopian Weather

The other physical asset is the variety of weather conditions of the country. Every corner of the country has different weather conditions and altitude, from the low land of the country to the high land.

The lowest land in the country is Dalol it is found at 130m below sea level and this place is the lowest and the hottest land in the country. Therefore it is called Ethiopian low land and is specifically located in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

And the high land of the country is Dashen, it is located in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and its height is 4550m above from sea level and it is called Ethiopian high land.

Ethiopian Weather: A Basic Guide To The Cool And Harsh Climate

foods in ethiopia

Ethiopian Food

Following the weather condition of the country is the variety of different seeds from north to south and east to west part of Ethiopia. These foods are contextual that made from a specific location based on their cultural and environmental conditions. For example, in the south, a special seed type is available which is called locally “enset”.

Enset is widely used for different kinds of foods and purposes. And the north has teff that widely used that is because teff is the wide production of that location. But there is a unifying food that is used throughout the country that is called Doro wet. Doro wet is an Ethiopian food that is used for holidays and special events.

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Ethiopian Culture Clothing and Art

The other asset of Ethiopia is the Ethiopian Culture Clothing. These cultural dresses are so many based on their geographical location and culture. But “habesha lebes” is an a dress that is used throughout the country at the time of a holiday and special events. It is mainly made of cotton with fully hand made without a touch of any modern pieces of machinery that created for this purpose.

Many have serious about the national culture for hundreds of years. Lit up Books of scriptures and original copies have been dated to the twelfth century, and the eight-hundred-year-old churches in Lalibela contain Christian canvases, original copies, and stone relief. Wood carving and form are exceptionally common within the southern marshes, particularly among the Konso.

Social affiliations are the major sources of social welfare. There are numerous distinctive sorts of social welfare programs completely different parts of the nation; these programs have devout, political, familial, or other bases for their arrangement.

Two of the foremost predominant are the iddir and debo systems. An iddir is an affiliation that provides budgetary help and other shapes of help for individuals within the same neighborhood or occupation and between companions or family. This institution became prevalent with the arrangement of urban society.

The most objective of an iddir is to help families monetarily amid times of push, such as sickness, passing, and property misfortunes from fire or robbery. As of late, iddirs have been included in community advancement, counting the development of schools and streets.

The head of a family who has a place to an iddir contributes a certain sum of cash each month to advantage people in times of emergency.

The foremost far-reaching social welfare affiliation in country ranges is the debo. On the off chance that a rancher is having trouble tending his areas, he may invite his neighbors to assist on a particular date.

In return, the agriculturist must give nourishment and drink for the day and contribute his labor when others within the same debo require offer assistance. The debo isn’t confined to horticulture but is additionally predominant in lodging construction.

Welcoming takes the shape of numerous kisses on both cheeks and plenty of traded merriments. Any implies of predominance is treated with disdain.

Age could be a figure in social behavior, and the elderly are treated with the most extreme regard. When an elderly individual or visitor enters a room, it is standard to stand until that individual is situated. Feasting behavior is additionally imperative.

One must continuously wash the hands sometime recently a feast since all nourishment is eaten with the hands from a communal dish. It is standard for the visitor to start eating. Amid a feast, it is a proper frame to drag injera as it were from the space straightforwardly before oneself.

Drained parcels are supplanted rapidly. Amid dinners, cooperation in a discussion is considered neighborly; total consideration to the dinner is thought to be impolite.

Ethiopian Music

The other ritual thing to Ethiopia is Ethiopian music. The music is accepted to have been set up by Holy person Yared within the 6th century and is sung in Ge’ez, the formal dialect.

Both Standard and Protestant music is well known and is sung in Amharic, Tigrean, and Oromo. The conventional move, eskesta, comprises of cadenced bear developments and ordinarily goes with by the kabaro, a drum made from wood and creature skin, and the masinqo, a single-stringed violin with an A-shaped bridge that’s played with a little bow.

Ethiopian History

The Ethiopian ritual assets are more related to the culture and history of the country. Ethiopia is a country with different lingual and cultural wealth. From different spoken Ethiopian languages, Amharic is the working language throughout the country.

Amharic has been talked in Ethiopia since the late 12th century in different businesses counting the legitimate framework, commerce, communications, military, and religion. Even though hence distant Amharic has scarcely been utilized exterior of the country’s authoritative, devout and instructive writings, the scholarly body is developing and numerous books and verse books, as well as lexicons, manuals, and diaries, are presently being composed in present-day Amharic.

Amharic is the working and official language of Ethiopia since the cancelation of the ancient local dialect (Ge’ez) and is additionally broadly utilized in neighboring countries. The Amharic dialect is named after the Amharic people, who live within the North of Ethiopia.

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Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian airlines seems to have become part of Ethiopian identity. A simple search of the keyword ‘Ethiopian’ leads to the airline’s website.

Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia(Green, Yellow, and Red). Ethiopian has ended up being one of the continent’s driving carriers, unrivaled in Africa for proficiency and operational victory.

It is known for its opportunistic manner where they use bad incidents for profit. The Ethiopian airlines are probably one of the few airlines that persisted amidst the Corona crisis.

Working at the bleeding edge of innovation, the carrier has moreover ended up one of Ethiopia’s major businesses and a veritable institution in Africa.

It commands a lion’s share of the dish African organize counting every day and twofold every day east-west flight over the landmass. Ethiopian as of now serves 100 international and 21 local goals working the most current and most youthful fleet.

As the flag carrier of Ethiopia, the Airlines has gotten to be one of the continent’s driving carriers, unrivaled in Africa for productivity and operational victory, turning benefits for most a long time of its existence. The Airlines was built upon December 21, 1945.

As one of the pioneer African airlines, Ethiopian started operations, with DC-3/C-47 airplane. It has presently ended up one of Ethiopia’s major businesses and an institution in Africa, working an advanced and natural neighborly fleet.

It commands the lion’s share of the air travel in Africa, and it has destinations all of the African countries.

Ethiopian’s arrange ranges to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Center East, and Asia, interfacing cities over the globe. The carrier is as of now actualizing it is a 15-year vital arrange called “Vision 2025” to get to be the driving flying gather in Africa.

The airline is pleased to be a Star Organization together Part since December 2011. At a time when most African airlines are battling with a collapse in commodities and political instability, Ethiopian Airlines has remained shake consistent with a forceful development procedure in intellect.

The airline has fortified its nearness by growing, in terms of arranging, capacity as well as value cooperation and vital organizations in other African airlines. Whereas other African airlines are battling with loss accounts, Ethiopia’s flag carrier’s net benefit within the 2017/18 budgetary year rose to $233 million from $229 million, the past year. Its working income rose by 43 percent to $3.7 billion within the 2017/18 monetary year.

Ethiopian Airlines is not only stamped the flag on its plane, but it shows what it means Ethiopian by leading the continent.


Generally, the term Ethiopian is not only a little meaning or definition it is much more of that every touch of the country without excluding anything. Ethiopian is not only Ethiopian airlines as many relate the term to, but it also represents the physical and the ritual assets of the country.

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