The Unforgettable 2019 Ethiopian crash and It’s Messy consequence

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The Ethiopian crash 2019 was an unexpected incident that created an uproar in the flight industry. Boing, the plane manufacturer, was among the bodies that were deemed responsible.   

Established in 1945 by Ethiopia’s last ruler Haile Selassie, with the expectation of modernizing and shaking off the nation’s picture, Ethiopian airlines becomes a symbol for Ethiopia on the sky of the earth since then. It is the biggest aircraft in Africa and one of the only airlines that are rarely known for an Ethiopian crash of an airplane.

The Airlines joined Star Alliance Network, a universal carrier organization giving it access to more courses with accomplice aircraft, in 2011. Since then it has extended its number of planes to 111 so as to take the title of the biggest airlines on the continent of Africa, traveling to 106 international flights and 23 local ones.

Besides its operation, Ethiopian airlines have additionally been helping other African national airways. It owns a 49% stake in Malawi Airlines and a 45% stake in Zambia Airways and has reported designs to enable revive another airway in Mozambique.

It is also undertaking a negotiation to establish its base in its neighboring country, Djibouti, and another one on the central African country, chad. Accomplishing all this achievement the airlines have also bestowed with international awards and recognitions. It has won “Best Airline Staff Service in Africa” for its services given to its customers. It has also taken the title for “’ Africa’s Best Business Class Airline”.  


Ethiopia is one of the countries that experiences a low tragedy in the aviation is both a surprise and a great tragedy when someone hears Ethiopian airlines have hosted a crash. Throughout history, only four Ethiopian crash happened and the recent one takes place a year ago within Ethiopian territory. This is only when the number of crashes that Ethiopian airlines experienced counted rejecting all the three crashes that the Ethiopian airforce has encountered.

First Military Ethiopian crash

The first historically recorded crash was a crash in 1982 near Addis Ababa, burning 73 Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers to the ground. Though it is not public aircraft, the “Antonov An-26” military aircraft crash has left a scar on the heart of Ethiopian citizens during the reign of the Derg regime. The model is a double-engine non-militarian and military aircraft, produced by an ally of the Ethiopian government at the time, the Soviet Union, up to 1986 for about 17 years since then.

It was the first military air Ethiopian crash before the crash of another Antonov model back in 2013. It was a crash when the military craft tries to land in Aden Abdulle International Airport in the capital city of Somalia state, Mogadishu.

The flight took off from an International Airport of Dire Dawa in Ethiopia at 12:00 pm local time that morning, by the command of Colonel Berhanu Geremew, a high expertise pilot in Ethiopian airforce. it was with a bunch of weapons when it crashes. Because of the area of the accident on the air terminal property, the Rescue Fire Fighting Service drove by AMISOM firemen and SKA air terminal representatives had the option to react quickly to the effect site within a range of only 90 seconds.

Two of the individuals in the were protected from the airplane accident and moved immediately to a health center. But the rest of four including the pilot has died upon the incident. At the time the air terminal stayed shut for about 7 hours because the incident happened and re-opened to business traffic again. The Somalian government ordered a team member of seven to investigate the cause of the crash. After the team found the black boxes after the incident the crash was found to be caused by a foul play. The last and the least well known military crash happened two years ago in 2018.

2018 Military Ethiopian Crash

It was a helicopter crash in the Oromia region on its way to Bishoftu military airbase taking Dire Dawa airport as an initial point. The state reported to media agencies that 15 military members and three civilians’ passenger, a total of 18 people were dead because of the aircraft crash incident happens.

Is Addis Ababa airport safe?

As mentioned earlier Ethiopian airlines are one of a few airways that encountered an Ethiopian crash. Within a range of 14 years from the first military aircraft crash in 1982, another Ethiopian crash happened in 1996. On November 23, 1996, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was a planned flight serving the course Addis Ababa through Nairobi towards Lagos–Abidjan. But an unexpected tragedy happened after a short while.

The plane accident arrived in the Indian Ocean close Grande Comore, Comoros Islands, because of fuel depletion. 125 passengers of the 175 travelers and all the team crews, including the three hijackers died. The accident was caught on record by a tourist from South Africa. The airplane serving the flight, a Boeing 767-200ER, was hijacked on the way from Addis Ababa to Nairobi by three Ethiopians who were looking for a haven in Australia.

But their interest led to the loss of more than a hundred lives. The captain on position, captain Leul Abate was in charge of this long flight.he was one of the high expertise that the Ethiopian airlines have. Before this hijacking happened the pilot has experienced another two hijackings. One was in 1992 on the way to Nairobi after two hijackers get on board with a hand grenade.

And the second on the way to Sweden, when the hijackers took advantage of the hostess by terrifying the passengers to make her dead. But in either case, the flight landed safely with no injury occurred. Back onto our point, the hijacking of the plane happened in a complete theatrical way. The flight at first was in await for its connecting flight. After it took off three passengers standby from the civilians and starts their treat by taking an ax and a fire extinguisher while showing their handmade grenade to all the passengers on board.

The men took steps to explode the plane in flight if the pilots didn’t comply with their demands. The thieves said that there were eleven of them when in reality there were just three. After attacking and compelling first official Yonas Mekuria into the lodge, they made the accompanying declaration that Everyone ought to be situated since I have a bomb.

Over the radio, they pronounced in three languages in Amharic, French, and English that on the off chance that anybody attempted to meddle, they had a bomb and they would go through it to blow the whole plane. Authorities later disclose that the implied bomb was a secured jug of liquor. But The thieves requested with its plane be traveled to Australia.

But the captain Leul attempted to clarify they had just taken on the fuel required for the booked flight and along these lines couldn’t make a fourth of the excursion, yet the criminals didn’t want to accept him. One of them called attention to an announcement in the carrier’s in-flight magazine that the greatest flying time of the 767 was 11 hours. Rather than flying towards Australia, the skipper followed the African coastline southward. The ruffians saw that land was as yet noticeable and constrained the pilot to guide east.

Leul covertly set out toward the Comoro Islands, which lie halfway among Madagascar and the African territory. During this time two of the robbers went into the lodge, with the lead thief (as expressed in the report) remaining in the cockpit. The plane was almost out of fuel as it moved toward the island gathering, yet the robbers kept on overlooking the chief’s admonitions. Out of alternatives, Leul started to circle the region, wanting to set down the plane at Comoros’ principle air terminal. But the passengers do not let him do that which led to the crash of the airplane. A great tragedy to all Ethiopian, who was then and still now sensitive to humanity.

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2019 Ethiopian Crash

The second public aircraft crash happens near the Mediterranean Sea immediately after taking off from traffic Hariri international airport in Beirut. This horrific accident that gets all Ethiopian in shock, took the lives of more than 80 people from eight different countries outside Ethiopia. The boing 737 is said to be a takeoff from the airport in stormy weather with 82 passengers and 8 flying members on board. It was flying 2700 meters high above from the ground.

This high storm climate makes the aircraft to crash on the Mediterranian sea. Witnesses around the place of the accident have reported that they have seen an aircraft in ablaze getting down to crash ablaze. Before that, the pilots have lost a connection with operators five and six times while battling with the stormy climate. From the last trial of contact, only five and a half-hour was left to arrive in its home city Addis Ababa.

The morning after the crash happens Lebanese authorities were busy finding any survivor left around the coastal regions where the crash happened. More passengers died found to be Lebanese citizens and Ethiopia was the next in a number of passengers who died from the accident. After hearing all this tragedy, the whole world was waiting for the investigation report on the way the plane met an accident.

The Lebanese governors announce the following as a reason for the crash “the probable causes of the accident were the flight crew’s mismanagement of the aircraft’s speed, altitude, headings and attitude through inconsistent flight control inputs resulting in a loss of control and their failure to abide by CRM principles of mutual support and calling deviations”.

But the Ethiopian airlines totally do not agree with it. It responds to media as the report is biased with a lack of any evident reasons. The report clashes between the fact that the aircraft was in a blaze after a light struck. In either way, the catastrophe has left a scar on the heart of Ethiopians, Lebanese, and the left of the world.

The last which can also be called the third Ethiopian crash that the Ethiopian airline has encountered was the recent catastrophe that took place in the year 2017. The craft intends to arrive in Kenya Jomo Kenyatta airport taking off from Addis Ababa.but it only lasts six-minute on the air leaving all the 157 passengers on board burring to the ground. Two minutes into the flight, the plane’s MCAS framework enacted, pitching the plane into a jump toward the ground.

The pilots battled to control it and figured out how to keep the nose from plunging further, yet the plane kept on losing elevation. The MCAS at that point enacted once more, dropping the nose much further down. The pilots at that point flipped a couple of changes to incapacitate the electrical trim tab framework, which likewise impaired the MCAS programming. Three minutes after the flight, with the airplane proceeding to lose elevation and quickening past its wellbeing limits, the skipper educated the primary official to demand consent from aviation authority to come back to the air terminal. But on the way back to the air terminal they lose control over the craft.

The chief and first official endeavored to raise the nose by physically pulling their burdens, yet the airplane kept on plunging toward the ground leading to another tragic accident in Ethiopian history. Not long after the accident, police and a firefighting team from a close-by Ethiopian Air Force base showed up and doused the flames brought by the Ethiopian crash. Together with nearby townspeople, they filtered through the destruction, recouping bits of the airplane, belongings, and human remains.

Trucks and excavators were gotten to help with clearing the accident site. But all the trials to find a rescued passenger from the crash failed. And the government announces that all are dead. The year 2017 was called a disaster year both in Ethiopia and at the international level. Especially the new Boeing models blamed for all tragic happened around the world including the last Ethiopian crash recorded.

Even though the above-elaborated military and civilian aircraft crashes happen, Ethiopia remains a country with the least number of Ethiopian crashes. And our airlines will continue as a symbol of our nation on the sky of the planet. Proud for my country to have the greatest institution on the planet earth.

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